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Tunes: WordPress Theme for Audio Files

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This theme is perfectly designed for selling audio files with WooCommerce.

Potential customers can listen to audio samples right on the page. The previews on the page increase the likelihood of converting. Since there is one less step the customer needs to take to buy. 

What makes Tunes unique to other WordPress themes on the market is that Tunes is SEO optimized. SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is when a website gets tweaked to show up when someone searches a topic on Google.

What Makes An SEO-Optimized Theme Great?

User-Friendly Design

The easier a site is to use, the likelihood of a successful transaction skyrockets.

At the same time, Google only ranks websites that their bots can crawl. The chance of ranking on the first page increase if their bot can crawl without issue.

Visitors Ready to Buy

When someone visits an ecommerce store from Google, they are looking to buy a product. They found your store by searching on Google “buy ringtones” or “ringtones for sale.”

They do not need convincing to buy. They need to know your product fits their needs.

SEO visitors are different from visitors from social media. Social media visitors are looking around and may not be in the market for your product.

Competitive Advantage

Having an SEO Optimized theme is a competitive advantage. Few people know enough about SEO to explain it. Even less know how to optimize a website for it.

A theme with SEO optimizations built-in gives you an advantage over competitors as soon as the theme gets installed.

People will search for your product. Then, they will find you and not your competition.

SEO Features

Paginated Pages

Google's bot only crawls a page's current content. Anything that loads on the page after scrolling is not crawled and does not get indexed.

Paginated pages make your website content easy to index. The other option is infinite scroll. On infinite scroll, not all the content gets indexed.

Mobile Friendly

Google wants to show their users websites that look good all the time. If your store looks good on every mobile and tablet device, then your chances of ranking increase.

Tunes uses a framework called Bootstrap that helps create a mobile-friendly design. The framework helps themes look good on any device or browser. You can find screenshots of Tunes on an iPad Mini and iPhone XR in the images.


Many people use a screen reader to access the internet. An accessible website has alt text for images to describe the pictures. The buttons do not only say, "click here." Then, the colors do not confuse someone who is colorblind. Tunes has these added to the current content.

How to Capitalize on an SEO-Friendly Theme

Once you install Tunes, there are several simple adjustments that you can make to improve your SEO efforts further. These adjustments are as easy as ordering a pizza.


The schema is structured data Google uses to understand the page content. The more Google understands, the better. If Google has two websites with the same content, they will rank the site with the schema.

WordPress has a plug-in that will create the schema for every page.

Meta Description

The meta description is the summary people see on the Search Engine Results Page under the link. Meta Descriptions are not a ranking factor. However, they are the first interaction between a potential customer and a website. If the meta description causes confusion, they will not click through.

According to Google, meta description best practice is to stay between 150-160 characters. Then, include target keywords in your meta description. In order to continue ranking, meta descriptions should get updated.

Lazy Loading Images

A website loads everything on a page at the same time. Which makes the load time longer if the page has many images. Lazy loading decrease load time by only loading images when a potential customer gets to the image on the page

For example, a potential customer reaches the middle of the page with an image. The image will load when scrolling to the middle. 

A plug-in can get added for this feature to increase page speed and decrease load time. Google considers page speed and load time when ranking pages. The faster a page loads, the increased chance of ranking.

Alt Text

Alt text is known as alternative text. Screen readers use Alt Text to describe images. At the same time, Alt text gets used when an image does not load on a page.

Alt Text does not need to be a complex essay. A simple sentence can be alt text. The importance of alt text in SEO relates to having a website with a good user experience. If all the images have alt text, more people can have a good experience on the site. Then, Google will want people to visit the site.

Other Optimizations

These optimizations matter because if a customer lands on a 404 or No Product Found Page, they might leave. If the pages are optimized, then the chances of them staying on the site are higher. One of Google’s ranking factors is “Time on Site.” The more time people spend using your website, the more likely your website will show up in Google Search Results.

404 Page

People will land on a 404 Page when they try and land on a page that does not exist. They might type “audo” instead of “audio.” Many websites deal with this error by saying, “Sorry, this page does not exist,” and nothing else, which might cause the potential customer to leave.

On Tunes, when a potential customer lands on the 404 Page, they have four options. They can reach recent blog posts, view product categories, view the archives, or do a site search. These options increase the chances of turning a potential customer into a customer.

You can see screenshots of the 404 Page on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

No Product Found

Then, people will land on the No Product Found Page when they search for a product that does not exist. For example, if they search “intro music” on Tunes, No Product Found will show up because only ringtones are for sale.

But, the most popular products will show on the page. The potential customer may have an interest in a ringtone. The potential customer would have had no idea about ring tones on Tunes without the display on the No Product Found Page.

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Disclaimer: This product is vegan, cage-free, and dairy-free



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