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How to Remove Powered by WordPress in 2023

Home Page of WordPress website with footer that has a link

 WordPress made some updates a few weeks ago. One update made was the change in how to remove Powered by WordPress.

Everyone creating WordPress websites should remove Powered by WordPress from their website. With that in mind, I will walk you through removing Powered by WordPress in the new WordPress.

This applies to themes made by WordPress. A WordPress theme made by Smashing Themes does not have the same WordPress footer credit.

Why Does Removing Powered by WordPress Matter?

You may wonder why removing Powered by WordPress matters.

The first reason to remove Powered by WordPress is professionalism. The Powered by WordPress footer shows a lack of professionalism. The default footer tells consumers that the store owner is not serious. Why should consumers give an unprofessional store owner their hard-earned money? How can consumers trust the quality of an unprofessional store’s products?

Another reason to remove Powered by WordPress is utilization. Don’t waste space on your ecommerce store to promote the platform. You can use the space to promote yourself or your agency. Put a footer link that promotes YOU.

Step 1: Editor

On the WordPress dashboard, start by going to Appearance and hovering over it. Two options will pop up on hover. The two options are Themes and Editor. Then, click Editor.

Step 2: Toggle Navigation

The next page will have the templates for your site. You will get a basic layout of your home page. The top corner of the page has a logo. When you hover over the button, it says, Toggle Navigation, and click the button.

Step 3: Template Parts

Template Page on WordPress

Once you click Toggle Navigation, a menu will pop out with three options. The options will be site, template, and template parts. You want to click template parts. A list of the different parts of a page will come up. Click Footer under Template Parts.

Step 4: Footer

Footer Template Part Page on WordPress

After clicking the Footer link, you will get brought to the footer template page. The page shows how the footer looks on every page. At this point, the footer is the same as any other block on WordPress. You can delete it, change it, or style it.


Now, your store looks more professional, and a more professional store gets sales!

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